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Let's Be the Change 2018


Go Forward!

Vote Danyell Lanier For Collin County Judge

Now is the time for change to take place all over America. For that to happen, people need to band together at the county level and believe in its importance as a national aspiration. This is what compels me to do my part in the political reform process.

I know it can be tough but with your help, Collin County and its citizens can move forward and achieve its goals. Like any patriotic American, I am for preserving national pride that springs eternally from revered traditions. Your welfare will always be my main concern. For what every true-blooded Collin County Texan deserves, I vow to soldier on and fight.

My Mission

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For Better Lives  and


I urge citizens of Plano, Texas and all other cities in the county to be part of the change. You and I can work together to make communities and life for everyone in them better.

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